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Luchtzijdig inregelen

Air-side balancing

Waterzijdig inregelen

Water-side balancing


Sound measurements

Arbo comfort metingen

ARBO-Comfort measurements





Control engineering by a specialist

When it comes to control technology, Renza Airflow Solutions is the specialist you are looking for. Because we know everything about climate and control technology. Our specialists take care of the climate installations you need for your business. We do this with the help of our dedication and our eye for detail. We deliver our work so that everyone in your workspaces benefits from the regulated climate made possible by our work. In addition, for an installation calculation, we are the specialist in the Rotterdam area.

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It is best to leave the installation of balancing technology to a specialist

As specialists, we love providing you with fine performance in the field of control technology. Providing a pleasant climate for your workspace is the result of carefully performed work. We make sure that we get the possible environmental influences and air flows under control, so that the air condition is no longer influenced by external factors, but by you. We do this by, as specialists, identifying the possible influences and making sure that our control technology matches them. In this way, among other things, we place your climate system.

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Commissioning is the activity that ensures quality of the installations to be installed, as well as the indoor environment to be realized.


Installation Calculations

These calculations are often extremely important, for example, when recording a building installation for which installation drawings are no longer available.



Using a thermographic camera, Renza Airflow Solutions is able to map surface temperatures from a distance.


Ultrasonic measurements

If water-side installations such as tap water, central heating, GKW or process water installations do not include metering devices, Renza Airflow Solutions is capable of taking measurements.



Renza Airflow Solutions is the leading cleanroom validation company. We perform measurements & maintenance on plenums, filter discharge units and safe exchange filter houses.

Troubleshooting & Advies

Troubleshooting & Advice

Climate complaints in your building? As an independent party, we are here to find a solution for you.

Have your installation calculation done by this specialist from Rotterdam

We are also your specialist for efficient installation calculations in the Rotterdam area. This is because we have the right materials and knowledge to accurately measure calculations of various installation processes. In this way, you will know exactly how your installations function and whether they meet legal requirements, for example. In addition, a good installation calculation saves you money in certain cases when a specialist discovers and repairs inefficiencies, for example. We are very adept at performing your noise measurements, for example.

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For all your balancing technology or an installation calculation, do business with Renza Airflow Solutions of Rotterdam. We are ready to help you, for example, if you are looking for a specialist for air-side control of your climate cabinet. Request your quote today to take advantage of our services. We are ready to offer our services.

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