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Installation calculations

Need new installations but want to keep the ductwork? Renza Airflow Solutions can provide installation engineering calculations. Various calculations are provided in collaboration with our partners. Calculations can also help when recording a building installation for which installation drawings are no longer available or during an investigation into climate problems.

The calculations below can be performed using the Vabi software package and the applicable standards:

  1. pipework calculation (VAl00) in accordance with NEN 5064 and ISSO 18
  2. heat loss or transmission calculation (VAl0l) according to NEN 5066 and ISSO-4
  3. Cooling load calculation (VA102) according to NEN 5067 and ISSO-8
  4. Air duct calculation (VA104) according to ISSO-17
  5. noise in air ducts (VA112) according to ISSO-24
  6. building simulation (VA114) or TO calculations
  7. Domestic hot water calculation (VA119) according to NEN 1006 and VEWIN worksheets
  8. Gas pipeline calculation (VA119) in accordance with NEN 1078 and NEN 2078

The domestic hot water calculation also allows calculation of the minimum flow rate of domestic hot water circulation pipes.

If you like it calculated, count on us.Installation calculations are a must for a good basis of design and support in mapping problems….

Luchtzijdig inregelen

Airside balancing

Waterzijdig inregelen

Water-side balancing


Noise measurements

Arbo comfort metingen

ARBO-Comfort measurements





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