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The importance that buildings play in our lives is often underestimated. The amount of time we spend in buildings means that ensuring an acceptable level of indoor climate comfort for users is of great importance. This can only be achieved if all parties involved in the building process contribute to delivering a quality product.

To achieve the best possible indoor climate in a new building, a large number of activities are carried out simultaneously during the construction process. Commissioning is the activity that ensures quality of the installations to be installed as well as the indoor climate to be realised.

Commissioning can therefore be described as the process of ensuring that the installation will do what the user and or owner need or want.

Five phases can be distinguished in the construction process, each affecting one another. These are the programme, design, elaboration, execution and management phases. For best results, the commissioning authority should be involved in all phases. Efficient and accurate testing and commissioning of an installation requires an installation in which the right provisions are included.

Therefore, the Commissioner should be involved in a project at least from the design phase. Real estate developers, installers, owners and users would therefore do well to involve Renza Airflow Solutions as early as possible in the construction process.

Renza Airflow Solutions is happy to contribute to a working installation as designed.

Luchtzijdig inregelen

Airside balancing

Waterzijdig inregelen

Water-side balancing


Noise measurements

Arbo comfort metingen

ARBO-Comfort measurements





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