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Zero status measurements

Is this term also related to indoor climate, you may wonder. Absolutely, because exact science about the state of the climate system and its performance can reveal many things. Can it be maintained, or is action needed?

A (zero) status measurement, also known as a baseline measurement, provides insight into the air- and water-side distribution of the installations including the performance and data of the air handling units.

To achieve this, the flow rates of diffusers and ducts including static pressures are measured per floor. In addition, the mutual resistances of elements in an air handling unit can also be included in the reporting of the measurement.

Indoor climate status quo.
(Latin, existing condition) an achieved state or situation that should or should not be maintained.

Luchtzijdig inregelen

Airside balancing

Waterzijdig inregelen

Water-side balancing


Noise measurements

Arbo comfort metingen

ARBO-Comfort measurements





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