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Ultrasonic measurements

If water-side installations such as domestic hot water, central heating, CHP or process water installations do not include metering facilities, Renza Airflow Solutions is able to take measurements with an ultrasonic flow meter. A sensor sends out an ultrasonic signal and this is picked up by a subsequent sensor. Depending on the medium (viscosity and sound velocity) and the pipe material, the flow rate can be calculated from the time difference.

This measurement method allows measurements to be taken on water installations while the installation remains completely intact.

The ultrasonic flow meter is also used to check existing measuring devices, such as measuring flanges and control valves, as well as water meters.

Renza Airflow Solutions also uses the ultrasonic measurement principle for measuring the wall thickness of pipe materials. This is applied in Non Destructive Testing on installations.

Ultrasonic flow measurement gives a unique ability to measure without modifications to a water-side installation.

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